Feedback, January 2020

Thanks so much for making the time to meet with X....’s class teacher and the school SENCO at ......... school today. I felt it was a very positive meeting and you have such a lovely way of framing challenges within the context of the bigger picture in terms of strengths also. We (parents and teachers) so often focus on the weaknesses and problems and these perceptions can have such an influence on overall expectations and performance more generally. 

Feedback, November 2019 

Thanks a million for all your work. You have been lovely and professional and clearly so knowledgeable (and able to put it into words that make sense to all of us). I think we all feel very grateful, and very hopeful that this will help xxxxxxx enormously....


Feedback, January 2019

I think you're wonderful at what you do. Getting him to open up


Feedback from a parent, April 2018:

Once again, thank you for being so attentive, thorough and warm in your approach. X.... felt very at ease and the whole process has been a very positive and helpful one and given us a good base on which to build.

February 2018 - Feedback from a Case Manager: 

Thank you again for providing such an accessible version of your report at the meeting.


January 2018 - Feedback from a Case Manager:

The best neuropsychology report I have read.  


Feedback from a mother following an assessment and support from Cambridge Neuropsychology:

I'd just like to reiterate this has been a positive experience for us all. We have seen his confidence grow through the process and hopeful that now he can achieve his goals, the first of which is getting to University.

Thank you for everything.


Feedback following a dyslexia assessment and detailed recommendations:

Dear Catherine, Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful support and expertise over the past few months.  We are both so grateful for all you have done for us in providing a great report which helps us and future teachers understand  xxxxxxx's strengths and weaknesses academically.


Thank you so much for your help and support in December.  You arranged to see her so quickly and we do really appreciate what you did for her.  Her confidence has really rocketed since she knows why she struggles at school and has some kind of explanation for it and also since getting into the school she was desperate to go to!


You were so fantastic with Xxxxx. You helped us enormously at the time.  You were so great, the first person he would try again with.


Thank you for all your help and expertise.  It was a pleasure working with you. 


Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into .......'s report.  It is so helpful and has changed his life!